About Us


It all started with a question.... How can we provide better legal support for our people?


Our story began when the Hellenic Bar Association and the Hellenic Foundation took notice of the various legal clinics that specialize in serving the Chicago area’s ethnic communities. 

Soon after, the idea of a Greek legal clinic caught fire and Hellenic Legal Assistance Services was created through the joint efforts of the Hellenic Foundation, and several Chicago attorneys; including Eleni Kouimelis, Eleni Katsoulis, Thomas Massouras, Georgia Demeros, and the Honorable Anthony Kyriakopoulos, Cook County Circuit Judge. Hel.LAS was created to serve as a resource for low-income members of the Greek community, providing them the opportunity to seek legal representation.  

Hel.LAS has adopted existing, proven structures with the help of partners like the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services (CVLS), allowing us to build a strong foundation. CVLS has also provided training in substantive areas of the law, legal procedures and best practices.

 In addition, our clinic allows the Hellenic Bar Association and Hellenic Foundation to fulfill their individual missions by providing legal assistance to the Greek community and bringing justice to those in need.

We owe much of our success to our volunteer attorneys, who generously donate their time and talents to provide legal services to low-income members of the Greek community. When potential clients make appointments with Hel.LAS, we   work diligently to connect them with an enthusiastic volunteer attorney.


Our clinic brings the mission of the Hellenic Bar Association to lifE, WHICH WORKS TO:

  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the administration of justice in the state of Illinois
  • Increase members' effectiveness and efficiency in the practice of law
  • Improve public understanding of the functions and importance of our Legal and Constitutional System and encourage respect thereof
  • Increase public understanding and respect for the legal profession
  • Increase public understanding of the role of Hellenism in the law